A Very Short Poem Dedicated to Myself Before Giving Away My Time to Work

My own heartbeat reminds me of June.

Hot, sultry. Heated, knees red and scabby from falling over and over and over again.

I turn around and see the color of my childhood.

Red, bright pink, with a slash of blue.

I watch with eyes like windows, two dogs scream from across the street. Every morning they wake up, eyes wide and white, trail dreams of chasing rabbits in immaculate mountains deep. Their chaos rings my ears every day at the exact click of 5am in the morning.

You could say this has been me in the morning with my husband. Or my mother, my teacher, my father. My own reflection.

I think I’m misunderstood, only because I don’t know how to articulate my feelings.

Learning how to love is earning my own respect.

I owe it to myself to be true to my desires, my greatest dreams and deepest wishes.



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Yitazba Leigh

Yitazba Leigh

A creative writer and singer, I use my voice to tell stories on my personal journey as a Navajo woman exploring my creativity.