A prayer for self acceptance:

There is a fiery reign within me. An anger so deep it claws at my throat. I am afraid of a love so deep where I feel sunlight on my cheeks, feel the air in my breath, where I deserve to be loved. I have pushed away sands in my my eyes,

wiped away the painting you gave me because another image spilled over it with ink from ancient enemies gnawing my ability to forgive myself, one where I am alone, unloved, and pushing monsoons and thunder and canyon ridges, kneaded away deeply into it.

My resentment for mirrors ate away my heartbeat and a serpent spitting out my spine brought you a great sadness.

I am drowning in everyone else’s desires but my own.

And this anger has risen up in me like a viper, bitten into my neck and brought bitterness into our memories. I need to release this venom, cleanse my anger with sage blossom and yucca plant. I am an otter in need of its other hand, for when I am with you I feel safe despite tsunamis.

What beautiful irises that bloom in your eyes when you smile, the shade of your amber a mountain of wisdom, a thousand years old.

I want to touch your heart and feel your tenderness again, feel your heartbeat breathe against my own.

I open myself to your gaze again, because I have been afraid of my own ability to love and accept love. You deserve wildflowers, fields of Hibiscus, Desert Marigold, Ruellia, and sage.

I hold you up in an altar, light candles for your dreams.

You are your own star and I let you be who you genuinely are.



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Yitazba Leigh

Yitazba Leigh

A creative writer and singer, I use my voice to tell stories on my personal journey as a Navajo woman exploring my creativity.